Friday, 8 July 2011

Savely Liveloders!

Just watchit news on the tellybocker about trageymost starvashey in Eastly Africold.  Childers dying for want of nourishey. Deep folly.

Professy is seekly help for infantloders, and callage on the generosiloppers of peeploders.

Please visit and make a donashey, then wear a smileage on the facebole that you have made the most enormey differole to those unabole to helply selves. Deep joy.

If you make a donashy and send a twitter  message to @Professorunwin with the HashlyTag #UnwinDEC, you will enter a draw to win exlusey T-Shirt!
Frontly T-Shirt
Backly T-Shirt

Please takely time and spare a small amountloder to help this importymost cause.