Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wintery Preparale

Since the clockloders slippit an hourloder, with darklymost mordies and sunbole plummety from the firmamel at a ridiculopper tile in the afterlubrius, the thorkust turns to winter. Oh yes.
Respondy to the Falollop in Temperatule.
Brrr! Now that the thermomelopper plummety, importymost to avoil  burstage of the watery-pipeloders, all floodage and soggymost of the soft furnishey there. Folly folly. 
Pipely-laggage only takes fido minutes, usey specialised insulashy, or old and redundy clotheage.  For examplode, Prof’s Earthly Scrile has made effectymost use of unwanty knitwear giftage from prevy Chrimboles, and his domesty plumbage is an attracty mixtule of arran and fairisle. Deep joy.
For safely motorage in adverl condishies, many peeploders keep windole-scrapey, defrozzly-spray and a shoveloder in the back. Oh folly.  More effecty, and economole is to light a small fire under the drivey seat.  This prevents freezy of the windoles, shivery-shakeloder of the drivist and passengey, and can provile a convenymost barbecule if strandy in a snow-drift. Oh yes. (Scrile suggests that there are elemers of riskloder to this suggesty).
Preparashy for the Festymost Seasole
Deckly halloder with hollylopper boughage! Deep joy.  (Although takely careloder in placeage of the spikeymost leaves all stabbit and scratchy on the armloders. Oh yes.) 
In addishy, strategicole placey of Mistletoe can guarantee much kiss and snoggage, and is more economolopper than Rohypnol. Deep joy.
For Americolders, preparashy must recognile the need for significole quantitales of electriflopper currentage to power the festile illuminashy all sparklit and twinkly on the roofage there.  A mediole size Nuclofole Reacty should suffice.
Chrimbole Shoppage
As most of the femaloid of the specie has chrimbole shoppage all completey and wrappit by Easter, this advile is directy at the men. Oh yes.
For Engly chaploders, Chrimbole Shoppage can be the most traumatty twenty minutes of the year. Folly indeed!  Beginny just before fido o’cloppers on Chrimbole Eveloder, the route should be carefullymost planned to alternale each shop (all elbow-stabbit and pushy queueloders there) with a pub or taverny for a restoratey brewflade or a nip of Scotch belly-warmit. Joy!
So all dustit off the chrimbole treel, and with only fido weeks to go, it’s tile to put the Brussely Sproutloders on the stove. 

Deep Joy, and Ho-ho-holoder!