Friday, 31 December 2010


As the year two thousel and tenners drew to a clobbers, I was approachy by a scriber, or "mediole" if you will, to convey my worms from beyond the grale. This member of the human specie remails anonyloppers for multi reasonage.

Inishy forays into the communage of 'Social Notworking' began with Twittle, where I share wisdy under the name of @ProfessorUnwin. After a week or throo, many peeploders began to falollow my tweels and spray kindly things. Deep joy!

But then, so many tweeploders were falollowy with commentage and observale that it becale too comply to manage. Deep folly! Neither I, nor my earthybound scrile were experiale in the technoloppers and all struggly in the keepy-uppers of Tweels, Retweels, Privey Messloders and Hashlytaggers. Completely baffled. Oh yes.

Unfalollowage ensued. Folly folly.  Much gnashy of the toothy-peggers and sadloders messy. Apollyloppers to any distrale causey. 

Gratifole to some generole tweeploders, advile about listage and other techneels muchly helploders. Particuley @RichardBuckle, @Freckleface12, @Andy_Dutton and @CariPercyPotter.  I can now resule falollowy-back of tweeploders.  Oh yes.

So now I have a bloglopper.  Will I have the commitmolers to maintale it?  Only tile will tell.  Oh yes.