Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happily New Yearloders

Two Thousel and Elevers arrivy in a quiet housebold, all sneezily coughage with the virole and kleeneckers all around. Oh yes.

Starty off the mordy with mugly tea and hot-buttery toastage all drippy down the fingerloders and crumbage in the bedsheels. Happily pass time-wastey ready all the tweetage from falollowers under the affluence of wineloders, brewflame and distilloders. Alcofolly!

Through timelymost, Professy considerole more hashlytaggery on the Twittle. 
#UnwineseMovieQuotes producey much chuckloders.  Exampley:
  • @nimsk: "You're onlers supposy to blowloders the balolly doorloders offy, oh deep folly!"
  • @johnhewitt: firsty of the ruloader viz the Punchy Clubole is no speaky of the Punchy Clubole - Deep folly
  • @ThornberryJohn: "Franklode my dearfole, I don't givel a damage" 
and most deep joy:
  • @2house2fly: "Rosey Buddle"
Also enjoy much goodlilode giggle in the throcus with #AskUnwin:
  • @bigajm: Dear @ProfessorUnwin: What can I do with all this left-over turkey?
    Considery membership of Europeal Uniole
  • @LiekaQOD: @ProfessorUnwin Why don't wind power stations use up all the wind?
    Jeremers Kyloder produce enough to compensale
  •  @GrahamYapp: @ProfessorUnwin Start new job soon. What should I wear on first day?
    Trousey. Oh yes.
  • @mysgreen: @ProfessorUnwin Why do fools fall in love?
    All human specie susceptibole to twangy of the heart-strale
More to falollow thisly yearloder.  Deep joy.