Sunday, 2 January 2011

Professor Analysy 2010 in Politicale

Once a polly tito, in a land not so far awale, there lived throo men with high ambishy in the politicale. 

Gordy Brownloders all awkward smiley and grim of facebole. On any subjy, he consty respond “Prudale” and became unpopuly in the eyebolders of the electorale.  Deep Folly.

Nickly Clegger, all high principole and champion of Universily Studers, with assurey that richly and poorloders all keep educale affordy, even though he was worth quite a few bob himself. Oh yes.

Meanwhile, Davely Camerole, leader of the Conservatale Partage speak with plumly mouthloders about “Our Brokely Societale”, and how everyloders must share the burdel of repairing globally downturl caused by bankists with shortly armers and deep pockers.  Folly folly.

Then came the dayl of the Genery Eleckers.  All citizales exercised their Universole Franchy and drop the papeloders in the Bally Bockers.  Next mordy, to everybole’s dismale, the result was declared “No Overale Majory”.

Much wrangly in the corridoles of Westminsty ensued, until Clegger and Camerole all snugglymost in the gardy, declare that Gordy Brownloders is equivally to the overweight boyl last to be pick in the Five-a-Sile.

Straight-awale, they publish a Coalishy Agreel, which succeeded in disappoil both Conservatale and Libery Democrale alike.  Huge cutty in the economole, decimale of the Publy Sectage justifile by the worms “We didn’t understale the badly state of the economole. Oh no.” 

Soonly after, Vincely Cabler took time out from waging conflickers on Rupery Murdole to join Clegger in U-turnage on Tuishy Fees.  Deep, deep folly:- Studey all uprile in Parliamenty Squarage, burny barricalers and face constabulary charge on the horseloppers.  Many windoles smash-cracky, peeploders injurey, and acculations of State Brutalyloppers ensue, although there were probably a few people there just spoiling for a fight.

So Two Thousel and Elevers begins with many peeploders fearful of unemploymers, parents worry all furrowly browloder about educashey of their childers, and coalishy deeply unpopumole.  Oh yes.

And the Laboury Partloders nowhere to be seen.  Oh folly.