Saturday, 8 January 2011

Freedle of Speakloders

In recent dayls,many tweeploders express consternale, outragey and disgustloders at an individubole who uses Twittle to say horribole things. Deplorabole commenty about starvey dietloders, and offensey statemers about curvey on the hip and thighbole. The man's clearly an idiot. Oh yes.

Some now call for a petishy to remole his accounty and silence his spitey worms. Deep, deep folly.

The human specie all struggly for generales to say whatevy we choose. 
I recommendy:
1. Don't falollow the stupey man
2. Stop talkey about him. Oh yes
3. Cherish the freedle we have to exprale our viewloders.

As Voltaire once scribby:
"I disapprole of your worms, but I will defend to the clog-poppage your entitley to say them. Oh yes"

Curvey are, indeel sexy.