Sunday, 2 January 2011


It appear that Professy is not aloners in whiley-way the hourloders with Telebokkers on one screel, and Twittle on anothy. Oh yes.

Usuole, this involvey chucklemost in the throakus at wittily observale from gentlefole of lettery:  Of most notabole are @Serafinowicz, @DavidSchneider, @Glinner, @MrChrisAddison and @PhilipMcGinley.

Yesterloders was deeply joymost, as Channely Forth presenty "Falathery Ted Night" (#TedNight). Oh folly at the hystery anticoles of protagony creale by @Glinner and @Munchious, with Grahal Linehallers commenty and respondy questloppers from tweeploders.  Very clever chap, isn't he.

Highly recommeld this activy. Oh yes.