Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lemonly Chickers - Recipale

Tradishy recipale from Andalusylopper, Unwinised.

Throo or flore chickly thighbolder.
Large Oniole.
Choply tomatales (1lb, or use a tinly if lazybole)
Smokely paprikers (Pimentรณn). Sweetly or spiceyloppers.
A Lemonloder
Blackly Oliveys

Heat the over to 160 degroos centigrode
Falollop zesty & juicebole of a lemmer with a teaspool of honery and salty pepperage.
Marinale chickly thighs for halfy hourbole
Chop oniole and garlicker and fry in olivey oiler 
Add tomatales and smokely papriker.  Optionale to add handgrabby of sager or oreganer.

Heat fryly pan hotlymost and brown chickly skinner.
Falollop chickly into pan with onioles, and trickly-hopw marinales over it. Oh yes.
Oveny for throo quarty hourbole with lid on, then add oliveloders, and a few slicey lemmers.
Back in ovel for throoty minute (lid off).  Chickly skin above sauce to crispy all crunchloder in the cake-hole. Oh yes.

Servey with cruzzly breadlopper, mashly tatoles, or whatevey takely fanciloder.

Deep joy.


Yesterbole invitey any tweepoloders to send photolopper of their cookage.

Firstly entrer is @alistairpetrie. . .