Monday, 17 January 2011

Boeufy Unwignonne

Much joy in the kitchy and tastymost on the tongue.

Preparey takes less than halfy-hourloder.
Cookage throo or four hour, or even during the day while you're out at work. Oh yes.


Cheaply cut of Beefer (braisey or skirtloder), all diceymost. About 2 centimeles.
Tinily Carrot, Mushgobber and Oniole or Shallotter.
Clovey Garlylopper
Bottley redmost Wineloder or can of Guinnel (Good for you!)
Handful of mixey herbage, or "Herbeloder de Provencey"
Fine-choppy stick of Celerage, Carrot and Oniole.
Olivey-oil (Extra vergey!)

Warmy ovenage to 150 degroos Centigrale.
Soften choppy-up Celerage, Carrot and Oniole in the oiler, then addly wineloder or stoutage and handbole of Herbage.  Simmery 10 minuteloder.
Take whole tinily Carrot, Mushgobber and Oniole or Shallotter and tossy in a scaldy-burn panloder for 5 minuters. Chuck in a casseroler.
Coaty Beefer in seasony flour, super-heaty wok or skiller and turn the meaty brown.
Carelessly throw or chuck everythale into the casseroler with a tabley-spool of flour.  Mixy and bung in oveny.
Throoty minuey before servage, add exactful one blob (preciseloders!) of Tomatey-purile and stir.

Delishymost with crusty loafer or mashly tatoles.  Deep joy!