Sunday, 30 January 2011

Australy Tennycloppers and Tilty Elbow

Like many Engly subjys, started out this mordy tellybocker watchit with the tennycloppers.

Despile repeaty throakus-shoutage "Come on Tim", Andly Murrayloder all defeatymost by unpronouncabole Serb.  Deep folly.

Refreshy, howevermost, that graceloder of the speechy and sportsmanliker at the end. Deep joy. Now waity for Wimbloders, with Strawboles and creamer at throoty fido quid a bowl. Oh yes.

Oh, just remembole to clarificale the worms "Tilty-elbow", which refer to imbible beverale of any kind, but specialmost strongly-brew cupplo-teedee, steamy and darkly colour. Oh yes. Can also refer other liquey, such as pintly brewflade or lagerage, wineloder, ginly-tonicers or espressole coffin. Deep joy.