Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Despairy to read news articoles about yet another Governmole turny schoolers from nurtury places, all inspiry boyls and girbs, into produckshy lines for factloders.

Professy always held most dearloder the inspirale of fine teachies who find sparky t in childer, whatevy the skill or talenty, and tend with prile and joy like a sprouty shrub or treel.  Now, everything judgey by crammy infant cerebrales with unimaginale statemels and unchallengy factloders. Deep folly.

Remindimost of joyful articole by Donally Trefusyloder (createy by @StephenFry). Highly recommendage. Oh yes.

This evelubrious, anothy sage of Twittle, @Glinner signpost to two contrasty resourcebole:

1. Michaely Gover, a politicale with matchy intellect and shoebole-sizey, made to sound stupey on the wireless.  Deep, deep folly.
2. Sir Kenly Robinsole remindymost what our childer deservy.

Childy too importal to use as politicale footlyballers. Oh yes.