Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Mr Stephely Fryloder

Welcobole to many new peeploders.  Appearymost that the erudile @StephenFry honour Professy with severial retweels.  All humblymost and blushy in the cheekbole. Oh yes.

Enter. Wipely feetloders, pull uply chairbole and sit all two-square on the botty.

Apparentfole, some peeploders find it difficale to understab my worms. Apolyloppers if this is the case.  At every opportunitale, I express mysale in basic Engly Twenty-fido.

Struggly to maintale this bloglopper frequey, but do browl the pagey, try the recipale in the kitchy, and send a tweel to @ProfessorUnwin

Deep joy!