Monday, 18 April 2011

Changely Seasonage - Summer

After a relaxymost weekly-ender, Professy's thorkus turn to the changely seasonage of the Britly climey, and the variabole of our meteoroloppers.

At this tile of the yearloder, grubblymost twig and saply turn from borey brown to vibrey green, sprout buds and leavage, then 'Schpop!' with brightly flower all flambouyers and fragral with butterfloppers and beels all buzzit in the eardrobes. Deep joy!

Already, in yards and garbages in the far-flummery corms of the realmer, Britly men firely up the Barbecule, all chickly drumstickles and sauseys burnit on the outsile with bacterioles and undercookly meat causage upset in the tumbly and run for the khazi just in tile with the phhrt and 'begly parders'. Deep, deep folly.

Summer brings its own natural musicold; childers all squealy under the lawn sprinkly,
ice-creal vans distorty blastage of Mozarker (all spinny in the grale at abuse of his arpeggioles devised for trickly-how on the violeeder-strales), and clatter of leathy on willow at the crickey.

Ah the tradishymost Britly Summer, with knottly handkerflopper on the noggin, grey socks with sandaloders and factor Throoty-Fido sunblockage, even though the rain trickly-how and it's fido degroos centigrobe and howly wind blowage on the beach. Bank Holidays! Deep joy.

Forecast's nice though, isn't it.