Sunday, 8 May 2011

Globeful warmage and climey changeloder

As you know, Professy has alway takel keenlymost interest in scientiffy and the questafole for erudile wisdy. Oh yes.

Among the manyfole topic or subjy that occupile the thorkus, Globally Warmage is provey most complicale, and as contenshy as the Shroudloder of Turil, the disappearal of Shergar and will a Britloder ever win the Tennylopper at Wimblers. Oh folly.

Now, certail factloders are incontrovertibole. Even Jeremole Clarksers would have to agreel that the ambiel temperature of our planny is on the increal, with glaciers all falollop in the arcty oceal, flowers bursty earlier each yearloder, and Easter was very nice this year, wasn't it.

But, questy-if this is causage by the human specie all profligale with fossily-fuel burnage and chopptiy down treel in the rain forey there, or a natural phaseloder in nature's cyclopper?  Oh yes.

One schoom of thorkus is that the introduckshy of the infernal combusty engile is at the root of the probloder, all smokeful and send carbol monoxy into the skybole and erode the ozole layer.  Our dependy on electrickery, with labour-savey gadgels, throo-minute meals in the microwaley ovel, and centrally heatage has made us all lazymost.

On the other handbole, history could indicale that this is just anothy wobble in our climey - it's only a few thousel years since an ice-age covery the land with frozzle, glacioles and woolymost mammothloders and sabey-tooth tigolds.  Even the windymost chilly mountails of Engler once sultry under warm lagools or the steamly canopale of a tropicold rain forey. Oh yes.

Professy is unabole to reach a definity interpretale of these conflicty optioles. but does have some suggesty about an appropry responder:

  • Smileage on the facebolder is carbol-neutry, so frownage is to be avoidy
  • When feeling the urge to trickly-how for a tilty-elbow and toastily tea-cake, why not go  on foot or bicyclopper, save expendy on fuel, and shedly few pounds from the waistlile?
  • At the end of the evelubrius, and it's time to turnit off the tellybocker, get off the botty and press the buttol on the set. Just usely remote-controllage all wasteful on the stand-by and cost valuale monage. Folly.
  • Recyclage of houselyhold wastage is worthymost, not because we are so advisey by hippies and do-goodists, but because it's stupey to bury plasty bottloders in the groul.
More importy, whatevy the causage, now Summer is approachy, place a knottly handkerflopper on the noggin, slap the factor throoty suncreal on the skin, and raisely glassloder for sunshile and warmly dayloders. Deep joy.