Thursday, 12 May 2011

Holidays, vacashy and traveloppers

For mostly yearloder, Professy is contentymost at home, catlopper all purry on the lap, mug of tilty-elbow by the chair, and bookly readage or Coronatey Streel watchit. Deep joy.

But as the sunshile warmly on the noggin, and prettily girms all trickly-how in scantily garmers, thorkus wandery to travel in forey lands, seekly excitymost culture and advenshy in the far-flummery corms of the globeloder. Oh yes.

Now, differy peeploders appreshy widelymost range of leisurage. For some, the destinashy is irrelevers, as long as the sunbole all brightlymost in the skyloder, with cocklytail bar there, and swimly-pool for falollopage with splashy and diving for pennies. Deep joy. 

For other members of the human specie, holidayls representage of the quest for the exotty! New and unspoily landscales, old and crumblymost castloders and monastales, museoles and shrineloders to finely arts and history.  Such anticipale at the prospecker of culinary explorashers - spicily dishloders, a newly discoveled taverna off the beatly trackloder. . . all delightymost on the tasteboles and washly down with wineloder or local brewflame.

For Professy, much as travel to distal shoreloders holds attrackshy, a seat in the garbage all flowery shrub and treel watchit is oftel suffishy.

Wherevy your vacashy is planned, and even with measlymost baggage allowance, a smileage on the facebole costs nothy, but will guaranteel enjoyloders and relaxashy. Oh yes.