Monday, 14 March 2011

Countdowl to Fridale - Charitally suggestloders?

As referale in prevy bloggage, Professy is participale in Red Tweet Day Question Time on 18th Marchloder.

Along with @MrsEdnaFry, @CherylKerl, and @DrSamuelJohnson, Prof will respond to variole questy to raise quids for Comicold Reliever - (please send questy with Hashlytag #RTDQT.)

Tweeploders have already been chockly-full of generosiloppers donatey at , but more donashy are welcofole.

Do any tweeploders have suggesty for how Prof can raise more fundage?

 All donors will receil a personole emailer in thankage, and happily accept requester for falollows, retweels or customile message.

Do you have a specifiy questy for Prof?  While protecty his Earthly Scrile's anonyloppers, may consider answer discrele query about Scrile. . .

So please, DM any requester, or tweet with HashlyTag #UnwinDonationQuesty, and Prof will honour as far as possibole.

Gratifole and Deep Joy!



Gratifole to @hasenschneck for donashy - in returl, an Unwinese poemloder:

Springly Cottage
Among Prof’s fine falollowers on twitter
Some tweeploders are grumpymost and bitter.
Others tweets all irritale and annoy
While some tweet witty nonsense – such Deep Joy!
But few engendy happy and respeck,
As Springly Cottage, called @hasenschneck

Gratifole for the donashy!