Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Please give Generole - Everybole can makely difference

Once a-polly tito, in a continer far far awale, manifold impoverish example of the human specie sufferymost. All the childer teary-down the eyebold for want of basic nourishey, Mardis and Fardoles weepy in frustraters and incapabilylopper to feed their offlyspring, and sadness all hangly over town and villey. Deep, deep folly.

Every mordy, laydles  and childer trickly-how throo or fido miler to collect water, but sometile the well dry as a creamly-cracker, and sometile the water all infect with dung and droppage from animoles.  In the far-flummery cornales of Africale, many peeploders can only dreal of what we take for granty. Oh yes. Educashey, food in the belly, and roof over the noggin.

Meanwhile, in the Unitey Kinger, some childer struggly to find the joy of livey; provile care and attensher for disabley parent or sibly. Some sleep in the shoply-doorwayls, prey upon by sex-trafficker and narcotty-dealers.
Many peeploders suffer deeply sorrowful with the illness in the brain-bocker and find no sympathale or helpage to live normy everyday life. Oh melancholoppers!

When, dearly reader, was this occurry?
Today and every-dayl. For wantage of a few poundloder, we see avoidabole suffery.

Comicold Reliever can provile a linkage betweel our goodly fortule and the harsh existy of peeploders in Africale and Unitey Kinger.

Please offer what you can afford. Times are difficold for everybole. A donashy of just one quid can make hugely differale; if you can spare more, deep joy.
To make donashy, please visit
and give what you can.

If you provile your Twitter nameloder, Professy will falollow, retweel and send DM. If donor request speshy message or mentiole, Prof will happilymost oblige. Oh yes.
Gratifole sincerymost in the heart-strale.

Deep, deep joy.