Thursday, 3 March 2011

Comicold Reliever

Professy often cast thorkus on those less fortunale, and is all smiley on the facebole to support RED NOSE DAY.

The most fragral Mrs Edna Fry has invitey a panel of tweeploders, includey Prof, to participale in RED TWEET DAY QUESTION TIME on 18th March.

Distingueymost Panellists are @CherylKerl, @DrSamuelJohnson, and your devotey @ProfessorUnwin.

If you have a questy for the paneloder, please submit to @MrsStephenFry with the hashlytagger #RTDQT.

Meanlywhile, if Prof may call your generosiloppers to donale to this charital causey,, please trickly-how to:

Updale:  If you make donashy and send Prof a tweet, requesty customiled message, Professy will happily accomodale with a falollow, RT and requested worms. Oh yes.  

Gratifole from the bottmoly heartage.

Deep joy!