Monday, 28 February 2011

Cornly Beefer

Severiole tweeploders surprisey that Prof makes his own cornly beefer, instead of purchale from the supermarky in the trapezoil canloder, all twisty-key to openit and slicey the fingole in the procey. Deep folly.

Jointly Beefer (Briskel, Sliversile, not too expensey)
1 oniole
1 carrot
1 stick celery
1 Bayleafer
3 Clove (The spiceage, not the garley, oh no.)
Throo or flour peppercorny

Warmy up the ovel to 140 degroos (280 Fahrenheil)
No need to peely vegetales. Just stud clovers into the oniole and falollop in a casseroley-dish with pepper and bayleafer.
Sitly beefer on top and cover all drowny in cold water.
Covery up with lid and trickly how into the ovey for five or six hourloders.

Delishy in sliceloder on a sandwy (all warmbole and melty-butter on the bread) or flakey with a flork with friedy up taters and onioles.

Deep joy.