Friday, 4 February 2011


Observymost the fashly-obsesser of the teeange, and young peeploder in generole, was considery dragging selfloder into 21st centural clotheage.

Even to these agey eyebolder, it became obviole that basely-ball cap wore backty-front and trousy all danglymost at the borkus not suit Professy. Deep folly, and trippily-up on the platforl shoelopper.  As for UGG-booty, follymost in the deepest.

And then; Inspurale, like lightly-bulb above the noggy (Energy-saver, minimile the envirey foot-printer) come to Prof! Deep joy.

Now strutty like Beauly Brummeloder afore the lookly-glass in Harry-Tweel suit (with Jacky in the Norfolder style), with "G Star Raw" all scrile down the sleeveloder in big printly. Check me out!

Deep joy.