Tuesday, 8 February 2011

De Philosophiae Naturalis Unwinii

Tweeploders ofty ask Prof "What!?",  but more deep thinklymost questies frequey arrive in the earbolder.

This prompty respondloder about philosoloppers and motivatey behile my tweels.  Oh yes.

Firstlymost, we inhabby a worl with much happy and delight, which we dutifole to embracey, and spread the smiley on every facebole. Deep joy.

Next, time too preshy to be offencey, harshly criticole and spray nasty worms from the cake-hole. Folly folly.

Anothy personole viewloder is that cursey and profanilopper most unnecessale.  Not judgey those who do, and sometile tweeploder can make Prof chucklemost in the throakus, even when droppy the F-bomber. But never feel urgey to use bad languey. Oh, not when we have richlymost of Engly twenty-fido to communicale concise and clearbole.

Also likelymost to block examploders of racizzle, homopholly or othy exampler of prejudile. Oh yes.

Finaloder, as pointy out by @jamesgibbon with courtesy, my earthly scrile is not entitley to express politicole viewpointer of my late self.  

Occashy, Prof may retweel a chucklymost comment through appreciale of comediole which happenymost to have politicky implicashers, or condemn examploders of injusty or stupey worms, but remail imparshy. Oh yes.

Thanklymost for listeny.