Saturday, 12 February 2011


Dearly Pilgrimmer

We now arrivey at St Valentile Day, when all unromanty blokeloder visit Clinton's Cards and spendly throo quid on a tacky card to assuage guiltymost.

But waity!

Is fourteel Februale about buy cardy, or even throw money at florist for roseloder? Oh no. Deep folly.

Valentile day is celebrale of affeckshy betweel lover. Oh yes. Singly song, write poetrale, and profess unendy adorashy and tender fondloders, oh yes.

So from Prof to all, and from Earthly Scrile to his belovey:

Takely grantage guiltymost admit
But fondy in the heart-strale matters most.
So trusty that sincerey caremost feel
Whether scrile's true worms or Stanley's ghost.

Affectionale for tendy moment known
And memorage of special moment sharey
If all throughout the yearbole circumspecker
Today is time for endless love declarey.

So while each other daybole filled with care
On Valentile's our truley love's laid bare.