Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Prof receivey a number of tweels regardy real status of Prof and his earthly scrile.

Scrile has reluctantmost agreed to provile explicashers.


I grew up to the sound of 'Professor' Stanley Unwin on the radio and TV.  His gentle silliness, interspersed with evidence of an erudite understanding of music, technology and the world around us never failed to captivate my imagination, and make me laugh out loud.  

Years later, after the sad departing of Mr Unwin,  I was able to introduce my children to his recordings.  When all of their other sources of entertainment had to be HD, 3D or interactive, they fell about as I had done as a small boy.

Sadly, Stanley passed away in 2002, but his memory lived on through recordings (I heartily recommend "Rotatey Diskers with Stanley Unwin") and a growing canon of youtube and web-based audio and video.

Being an aficionado of social media, and a huge fan of a number of twitter 'tributes' (I have to mention @reelmolesworth, @DrSamuelJohnson and @samuelpepys), I decided to create a Stanley Unwin feed.

The intention is born purely out of affection.  I try to avoid politicking, profanity and lewdness, in keeping with the Professor's gentle, joyful celebration of life's goodness and absurdity. With the occasional lapse (forgive my foibles), I try to abide by the rule: 'If Stanley were on twitter, would he say this?'

The construct is simple. The tweets purport to be Stanley's thoughts transcribed through an earthly medium. 

Go with me on this.  If you appreciate the joy of Unwinese (as I do as a former professional linguist), and you find the tweets entertaining, then do follow, comment or message (ask for a follow if it's not already happened).

If you find it irritating, offensive, disrespectful or just a bit crappy, then unfollow and move on with my brightest blessings.

Since beginning this venture, there are moments where I have engendered an air of flirtatiousness that may not be true to Stanley's spirit (He, as I, was in a stable relationship), but it seems harmless and well-received.

So in conclusion, the fact that you're still reading this implies that you share my fascination with the delightful Mr Unwin.  I decline (and always will) any commercial offers for the tweets or the blog.  I have no relationship whatever with the Professor's heirs or the commercial interests of his estate.

I have to shut up now as Prof is elbowing me away from the keyboard.

Update: Not long after posting this blog, I was contacted by Stanley's son John, who graciously said some very nice things about ProfessorUnwin's twitter feed and blog. Since then I have been in contact with John and Stanley's daughters Lois & Marion. We've exchanged stories (and T-Shirts) and I am delighted to say that they appreciate the spirit and tone of the feeds, and are pleased that their father's legacy is receiving another (albeit humble) nudge. 

I still get a few messages expressing concern that it's inappropriate to tweet and blog on behalf of someone who isn't able to defend or challenge (a concern I shared in the early phase).  I am reassured that his family are supportive, and the only criticism I receive from them is the occasional critique of 'inappropry usage of basic Engly twenty-fido' 

Much Love.

The Scrile.


He does waffleymost doesn't he. Deep folly.