Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How tweety, and other questybole

On numeral occashy, receil tweetage and dircetly messageloder questy which difficold to answer in constrainy 140 charactloppers.

Q. Professy. Questy-how you abley send messagebole when you pass over to the other sile in 2002?

A. While contemplale and thinky,  sat here two-square on the botty upon my celestibole cloudy, channely thinkage from the brainbocker to an earthly scrile.  Said member of the human specie transcrile my thorkus into worms through Twittle.

Q. Who is this earthly scrile?

A. Even I in completeymost ignory about his/her identitale.  Secreymost all closely guardy. Oh yes.

Q. Where does the goodlymost proffy go during the day hours? When we need him to entertain us? (Asky by @TweePippy)

A. My earthly scrile busymost earny honest crust, leaving Professy unable to communicale with tweeploders.  Suspect he/she some creaty typloder. Possibly a bit of a dirty hippy. Oh yes.

Always delighty answerage any other questy on variole subjy.

Goodly bylode!